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Wonderful customer service from Lisa today.
Quickly sourced a perfect package to meet all my needs.
As a result I shall be transferring from current provider to Sky - Melanie -Surrey

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Explain Sky TV to me?

Sky Stream is now the standard platform for all new Sky TV and Broadband services. It is also the latest incarnation of the award winning Sky Q box and is now offered here as standard alongside the Sky Entertainment package (also known as Sky Signature and Ultimate TV). Sky Entertainment is Sky's entry level TV package. If you require more TV packs, you can add a variety of different services which offer more flexibility than ever before. For example, you can add-and-drop the Ultimate On Demand, Kids, Ad-skipping and Ultra HD packs on a rolling 31-day contract. Furthermore, you can now also join Sky Sports, Sky Cinema (formally 'Movies') and Sky Multiscreen (aka Whole Home and Multiroom) on a 31-day rolling contract alongside the mandatory Sky TV Entertainment base pack.

The Sky Stream box allows you to:

  • Pause TV and pick it back-up on another device or room
  • Record up to 1000 hours of shows and movies to the Cloud via Playlists you create
  • Access 4K Ultra HD capabilities, seen as the future in home entertainment for 4K and 8K enable TV's

Sky Whole Home Multiscreen: The Sky Puck is a Ultra HD digital palm-sized receiver. Your first two are FREE (normally £39.95 each), this allows you to watch Sky TV in more than one room of your home. You can customise your Sky TV package in just the same way as any previous Sky Q bundle. The new Sky Puck also acts as a WIFI hotspot - boosting your broadband signal around your home.

Do I need to take Sky Broadband and line rental?

Sky TV is available on its own, so you do not have to join with Sky broadband or line rental. Sky Broadband is also available without Sky TV. Sky will handle the switch from your old provider. If your chosen Sky services require a landline, Sky will also action a switch from your old provider, or arrange for a new line to be installed. Please note, Sky's Full Fibre Broadband services do not require a landline to operate. If you add a Sky Talk service alongside Full Fibre - the call package uses internet based calls.

What speed can I get with Sky Broadband?

The speed which you will receive all depends on your location. Please see our Sky Broadband with TV or Sky Broadband without TV pages - to find the latest offers and check availability for an approximate speed for your home. You can also check availability via our Sky Full Fibre Checker page.

What will I receive when I place my order?

All Sky TV orders placed here online include the latest Sky Puck, Glass TV or Sky Q box - depending on your chosen platform. If you place a Sky Whole Home Multiscreen order, you will receive any additional boxes / TV's as required. You can connect up to six Sky Pucks, three Sky Glass TV's and four Sky Q mini boxes within your household. You will also receive a Sky WIFI hub if you join with Sky Broadband. Please refer to your Sky basket as you build your personalised package.

What offers are available?

Offers on all Sky services change from time-to-time. You will find the latest available offers here on this site. It maybe a good idea to identify the most suitable Sky bundle first, before looking at current promotions. To help you decide, please see our Sky channel list comparison and bundle comparison pages.

What are the main differences between the Sky Stream Puck (and Glass TV), compared to the Sky Q box?

The award winning Sky Q box - with its' pioneering Ultra HD capabilities and 10 times the picture detail of traditional TV definition - has now been transformed by the next incarnation, the Sky Puck. The three main differences are;

  • The size - The Sky Puck is palmed-size
  • Stream via broadband - You do not need a satellite dish
  • Virtual Playlists - Recordings are made to the cloud as opposed to the box

Sky Glass operates on the same basis as Sky Stream - the big difference - there's no Puck. The receiver is built-in to a Ultra HD TV with three sizes to choose from; 43", 55" and 65" screens. You can then add Sky Pucks or additional Glass TV's for the Multiscreen experience.

How many HD channels does Sky offer?

Sky 'Entertainment' (formally the Original bundle) comes in HD as standard with Stream and Glass. Sky Q offers 22 HD channels as standard with Sky Q. In addition, all Sky Sports and Sky Cinema channels now come in HD as standard with Sky Q (as for Stream & Glass). For just £9.00 per month extra - the HD bolt-on pack offers a further 40 HD channels to your Sky Q service. You can also add the Ultra HD and HD packs with Sky for £13.00 per month with Sky Q. Ultra HD is cheaper with Stream and Glass at £6 per month extra. Please note, if you go for the Ultimate TV Add-on pack, you will need the Ultra HD pack to watch Netflix in these formats and access Netflix Premium - up to 4 screens.

How long does it take Sky to install?

Sky Stream is delivered the very next working day, so you can be up and running in no time. Sky Glass is usually within a couple of days, you will be advised before your checkout when you can expect to receive delivery.

Sky Q and Broadband products services are usually installed and activated with-in 2 weeks of your order with an average of 6 days. Once you have ordered, Sky will contact you regarding a time slot. Appointments can be arranged around both availability and a time that suits you. Then a Sky engineer will contact you and install your Sky TV package.

How long am I contracted to Sky?

Once you order your Sky TV Package you enter into a 31-day rolling contract or 24 month contract (depending which you select in your Sky basket). Stream and Glass offer every TV pack on a 31-day or 24 month contract. While Sky Q only offers Entertainment on a 24 month contract, with some additional TV packs on a 31-day option. Sky Fibre Broadband services are subject to a 24 month contract.

I am a returning Sky customer, what offers can I get?

Returning Sky customers are eligible for new Sky TV offers after 12 months of being a non-Sky TV customer. If you have left Sky within the previous 12 months, it is still worth placing an order, as the automated system will evaluate your eligibility and notify you of just what you can order and at what cost.

I am already with Sky, can I get any upgrade deals as an existing Sky customer?

Existing Sky TV customers are only eligible for specific existing customer deals, including Sky Stream, Glass and Q upgrades. You can find these by visiting our exclusive existing Sky TV customer » offers page. There are always great deals on upgrades including voucher incentives and discounts, so it is definitely worth checking here »

What is Sky Talk?

Sky Talk services are split into four main options and are provided alongside Broadband packages. Benefit from free calls to landlines and mobiles, plus discounts to international destinations. You must sign up or switch your landline rental to Sky to benefit from Sky's Talk packages:

Sky Talk Evenings & Weekends Extra:

Free weekend landline calls to anywhere in the UK (not including the channel islands).
Now includes free off-peak calls to UK mobiles.
Includes off-peak calls to 0845 and 0870 numbers.
Cost = £8 a month*

Sky Talk Anytime Extra:

Free anytime landline calls to anywhere in the UK (not including the channel islands).
Now includes free anytime calls to UK mobiles.
Includes free anytime calls to 0845 and 0870 numbers
Cost = £16 a month*

Sky Talk International Extra:

Unlimited UK landline calls at anytime.
Now includes free anytime calls to UK mobiles.
Includes free anytime calls to 0845 and 0870 numbers.
Unlimited calls to 50 international destinations.
Unlimited calls to mobiles in Hong Kong, USA & Canada
Cost = £18 a month

Sky Pay As You Talk:

If you do not order a Sky Talk package with your Broadband service, simply pay for the calls you make with this standard Talk service.
Cost = See call charges and tariff guide »

Sky Talk Line Rental:

Available to those with a Sky Talk package and a BT compatible line. New Sky customers who don't currently have a BT compatible line may be able to get one installed through Sky.
Set-up cost = Free to switch from a BT line. Or between £20 - £39 if you're switching from a cable line or need to have a landline installed (depending on your property).

Cost = £18.99 a month

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