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Welcome to OffersNewCustomers.co.uk – your independent Sky comparison site. Compare Sky products, services and deals with the wider UK market. Read our new reviews section, find important details and recommendations.

OffersNewCustomers.co.uk is the new name for SkyOffersNewCustomers.co.uk. We remain the same independent company who offer more than 20 years of expertise of Sky products and services. Our site has operated for 15 years and has only recently dropped the “Sky” from our domain name – as we look to transform our service to compare the wider UK market – by offering expert reviews and news articles on the entire Broadband, Digital TV and phone sector in the UK.

We are a dedicated team who look after various aspects of this site, with years of experience in UK Satellite, Digital TV and Internet Service Providers. Our daily updates bring you all the very latest Sky offers and exclusive online deals from alternative UK providers. We also pride ourselves on accurate information and tips to help consumers find the best deal to suit their homes.

We offer a live help facility. When available you will see the icon visible on the bottom right of your screen.

The Team

Since its inception and 15 years on from the launch of this site, we have kept the team small and personal. The main day-to-day navigators look after the essentials, we also have additional crew members who look after research and development on a part-time basis.

Stephen Wilson

Stephen Wilson

Introducing Stephen – our founder and news editor

left quote Stephen’s experience with UK brands and the tech sector stretches back to the swinging 90’s. Stephen began his journey as a video editor then moved online more than 20 years ago – where he found success developing websites within the Digital TV and Broadband sector. When he’s not at the screens, Stephen enjoys time with family, the search for good food and travel. right quote

Stephen WilsonEditor & Founder

Mark Cowley

Mark Cowley tech journalist

Introducing Mark – our full market review expert

left quote Drawing on his experience in the toy, game and tech industry as a concept designer, Mark reports candidly on what’s going on in the tech world today. Mark enjoys the great outdoors, traveling and music when he is not writing – but he mostly likes to do it all at the same time. right quote

Mark CowleyTech Journalist

How does this site make money?

If you decide to join a provider through our site we may earn a commission. This does not affect the price you pay or the way in which we review products and services. On the contrary, we work hard to secure exclusive deals such as discount subscriptions, free vouchers and rewards – these deals are often not available direct from providers websites.

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