Sky Superfast Broadband – Latest Deals, Review & Check Availability

Sky Superfast Broadband - check availability

Sky Superfast Broadband is Sky’s popular widely available fibre service

Sky Superfast is available in two speeds: Superfast 35 (average of 36mb) and Superfast 80 (average of 59mb). Both services come with unlimited allowance.

Available with or without Sky TV – Superfast is ideal for everyday use including streaming.

  • Sky Superfast Broadband Deal
  • FREE set-up when you order here online
    – saving £19.95 versus Sky’s main offer
  • Optional Sky WiFi Guarantee – £5 per month
  • 59mb download speeds
  • 16mb upload speeds
  • Unlimited monthly usage
  • No slowing down at peak times

Sky Superfast is up to 5 times faster than standard broadband and is ideal for everyday surfing and households with one-or-two devices streaming.

Standalone price now FREE for 3 months (then £30.50 per month for 15 months – saving £181.50)
Superfast 35 (average of 36mb upload & 9mb download speeds) is available at £30.50 per month for 18 months
Online setup offer: FREE here online (normally £19.95) – when you join with ‘Broadband only’

Exclusive online offer

For the latest discounts first check availability and then add TV services to your basket.

Existing Sky customers wishing to check availability for Sky Superfast broadband, need to sign into their account to upgrade here »

Sky TV with Superfast Broadband

Sky TV with Superfast broadband

  • Special Offer – Exclusively Online
  • Includes, Sky Entertainment, Box Sets and Sky Go app
  • Add Netflix for just £4 extra p/m
  • Add discount Sky TV packs
  • Optional Sky WiFi Guarantee for just £5 per month
  • 59mb download speeds
  • 16mb upload speeds
  • Unlimited monthly usage
  • No slowing down at peak times

Sky TV with Superfast Broadband is now just £39.00 per month for 18 months (normally £44 p/m) – saving £90.00
Online setup offer: From £39.95 / £29.95 here online^

Superfast 80 with Sky TV starts at just £42.00 per month

Sky Superfast 35 vs Sky Superfast

What is the difference between Sky Superfast 35 and Sky Superfast? Speed

It’s all down to speed and availability. Superfast 35 offers an average speed of 36mb, while Sky Superfast comes with an average speed of 59mb. Depending on location Sky Superfast 35 is offered if the faster service is not available. However, you may note that the faster Superfast service is often the same price (or often cheaper) then the slower Superfast 35 service. This is because Sky wish to offer the faster speed if available to customers where they live. However, not at an additional premium. Sky will notify customers when the faster services become available and often a speed boost to Superfast 59mb will be offered at no additional cost.

Currently the out-of-contract monthly subscription cost is the same for both services at £35.50 per month.

Sky Superfast Broadband – more information

Here’s a few key examples of what Superfast can handle:

  • Light online Gaming
  • Download a HD movie in minutes
  • Stream HD shows and movies
  • Everyday surfing with multiple devices connected

Sky Superfast – Availability

The Sky Broadband Superfast service is widely available in the UK. The service is provided via a fixed line, the cost of line rental is included in both Superfast 35 and Superfast services. After checking availability, the Sky system will show you the broadband services currently available from Sky in your area.

Sky WiFi Guarantee

Sky WiFi Guarantee upgrade

Add ‘Sky WiFi Guarantee’ for just £5 extra per month for 18 months (3 months Free).

  • Select this service in your Sky basket once you have chosen your broadband option
  • Sky will automatically find & fix any issues proactively
  • Evening & weekend engineer visits at no extra cost
  • Sky Broadband Buddy app to manage screen time
  • Enables access anywhere to restrict or pause your internet
  • 2GB data gift for any outages for Sky Mobile customers

How to do I Switch to Sky Superfast?

If you are switch to Sky from BT, EE, TalkTalk, Plusnet or Vodafone, then Sky will handle your entire switch. This includes giving your current provider notice, ending your old services and activating your Sky Broadband at the same time. If you are switching from Virgin Media, simply order Sky Broadband then contact Virgin Media with your Sky activation date.

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Sky Superfast Broadband – Terms Summary

Sky Broadband Superfast: Speeds vary by location. Availability subject to survey. Not available to customers without a mobile signal at home or reliant on their landline for emergency services. Talk service uses your broadband connection to make calls. Average speeds Superfast 35: 36Mbps (download) and 9Mbps (upload) – Superfast: 59Mbps (download) and 16Mbps (upload). For full terms and information regarding Sky’s speeds guarantee, please refer to the Terms & Conditions » available in the footer of your Sky basket.

Ofcom – Speed Code of Practice

To read all about how broadband speeds are defined, please refer to the industry’s regulator Ofcom » and their ‘Speed Code of Practice’.

^Set up costs apply: Sky Superfast standalone: New Customers: Free instead of £19.95 when you join here online.
Sky TV only: New Customers £20 and Existing Customers up to £49.
Sky TV & Broadband: New Customers £29.95 and Existing Customers £39.95
Prices may change during this period.

*Sky Broadband prices include line rental, which is cheaper than other leading UK ISP’s at £18.99 per month.
Sky’s Switcher team will help you transfer your line and number to and arrange for a new line to be installed if needed.