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We are an independent Sky partner who have worked closely with Sky UK for more than 19 years. Featuring regular and exclusive online offers for new and existing customers. Updated daily, this site publishes news on special offers and provides a comparison portal and information hub for Sky TV, Broadband, Mobile and Talk services.

However, please bear-in-mind that all orders placed through this website are placed directly with Sky. If you are a new or existing Sky customer and have a query about an order or upgrade already placed, then please contact Sky direct as we cannot assist with orders once placed.

New and Existing Sky Customers please call: 08442 411 653

Alternatively, you can track the process of your order by signing in » or signing up » for your own personal Sky account.

If you would like to contact us regarding our website service or advice on current offers featured, then please fill out our contact form and we will endeavor to assist you as soon as possible. All opinions offered by us are independent to that of Sky UK. Please always refer to the full terms and conditions offered by Sky at the official Sky website:

Having trouble ordering online?

As with any site, heavy traffic can slow down and occasional bring the Sky site to a halt. If this happens – please try refreshing your page – and then again after a short while. Also, certain browsers can cause conflicts with cutting-edge websites such as the one Sky provides. If you do seem to have an issue ordering online i.e. the page freezes or you get an error message, then there are a few things you can try to resolve these issues:

  • Make sure you have the a latest version of your browser. This may help not only to resolve an issue ordering your Sky services online – but to also ensure that you are using the internet safely. Out-of-date browser versions have security vulnerabilities, so you should always check that you have the latest version installed. Simply navigate to your browser settings and look for ‘about’ or a setting which states ‘check for updates’ or ‘update version’.
  • Microsoft Explorer has known issues with the Sky site and you may be greeted with an error message or a prompt to call Sky. Unfortunately this is due to the fact that it is an old browser and cannot handle the Sky website. Please use Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari to eliminate any potential connection problems. Simply open or download your alternative browser of choice and navigate back to
  • ‘Cookies’ enable you to have a seamless experience online when visiting websites. This is because cookies contain information regarding the choices you make when interacting with a website online. For example, a selection you make when adding TV packs to your Sky basket. Sometimes, if you make lots of choices then go back to a generic page and then try starting again, this may cause confusion with the Sky site. To help eliminate this issue, please try clearing your cookies via your browsers settings menu. Please be aware this is at your own discretion, as clearing cookies will log you out of any sites you may be currently logged into.
  • Similarly to the previous point; – If you try to order as a new Sky customer using the same computer browser which an existing customer has previously used – the Sky site may think that you are an existing customer. This can prevent you from ordering new customer services online. Again, clearing your cookies or trying a different browser / device can help resolve this issue. This may also be the case if you were a Sky customer previously and wish to re-join. If you use the same email address, the Sky system may flag you as a current customer. Try using an alternative email address if you have access to one.
  • Top FAQ

    How do I claim my Sky Reward?
    If you have recently ordered a Sky TV and / or Broadband service which included a free Reward (i.e. voucher or gadget) – You must claim your Reward by signing into your Sky account within 90 days of your services being activated. This is outlined both in the terms and conditions at the foot of the order page and below the Reward selected at the time of ordering. Claim direct with Sky here »


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