Privacy Policy and Cookies

Privacy Policy

We are GDPR (EU General Data Protection Regulation) compliant.

We do not pass on any information to any third parties either during or after your visit to this website, with the exception of your order which is placed by you directly with Sky UK. We use cookies as part of your user experience, this is so we can provide you with a seamless journey from browsing this site to placing a potential order with Sky. In simple terms, your browser remembers your selections and helps you build and complete your Sky package with our featured offers included.

To clarify, we do not collect any personal details, only when we pass you to the official Sky UK website do you then enter any personal information. This is then stored confidentially by Sky UK when completing your order. We recommend that you read Sky UK’s full terms and conditions.

If you have any further details regarding this issue, please feel free to contact us, thank you.


We use cookies to help improve your experience when viewing our site…

What are cookies?

    A Cookie is small bit of data which holds non-personal information about your activity when you visit a website. This can include number of page visits, link selections, browser type and visit length.

Why does anyone need to compile this information?

    Companies collate this information to help improve their website (i.e. layout and styling) and to help process sales which may result from your visit to a site. In our case, this helps us pass on featured offers to your Sky basket so you can successfully complete your order directly with Sky.

Can I opt opt out of using cookies?

    Yes certainly, but we advise you to keep cookies ‘enabled’ so we can ensure the best possible experience and smooth order completion. If you still wish to prevent cookie usage, please navigate to your browser ‘settings’, then ‘privacy’ and ‘un-tick’ the relevant box to prevent the use of cookies on your browser.

Is the information gathered passed onto any third parties?

    No, with the exception of the official Sky Digital website in the United Kingdom. This information is then used to remember your selections when building your Sky TV package and completing your order.

If you wish to discuss this issue further, please feel free to contact us.

Alternatively, you can read more at the UK governments official website for
Cookies – advice for members of the public