Sky Business Broadband Deals for May 2024

Sky Business Broadband dealsCompare the latest Sky Business Broadband deals with no upfront costs and a 12 month price freeze. Receive discount subscription and save with Sky’s latest Sale. ​Supercharge your business online with Full Fibre speeds up to 900Mbps, Unlimited UK Calls and the new WiFi 6 hub bringing you their most powerful connection for up to 100 devices. Get started »

Sky’s dedicated account managers will handle your entire switch from your old provider and advise you on progress of your order. Choose a suitable contract for your business, with 12, 24 or 36 month options. Order here online alongside the latest new customer offers.

Sky Business Broadband offers customers unrivalled flexibility with three Broadband services to choose from with Essential, Pro and Plus. Add up to four digital lines, a dedicated IP address and international call options – just one of many additional features available alongside UK-based account managers, 24/7 support team and a 30 day money-back guarantee. Check availability »

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Sky Business Broadband Essential

Sky Business Essential

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Sky Business Broadband Pro

Sky Business Pro

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Sky Business Broadband Plus

Sky Business Plus

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Speeds & Customise

The following fees are FREE with the current offers
*£12 delivery. £99 Openreach install may apply. All prices exclude VAT at 20% and may vary during contract (unless the price lock guarantee applies)
12, 24 and 36 month contract option available.

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About Sky Business

Sky are one of the leading entertainment and communication companies in the UK. Building on the success of residential services such as Sky TV, Sky Broadband and Sky Mobile – Sky Business is built on the same Ofcom award winning ethos of reliability, competitive pricing and great customers service.

At the heart of Sky Business is flexibility. Along with contract choices, business customers also have optional extras to suit various needs of different size businesses.This includes extra digital phone lines, extra security with Security Edge, additional voice features and 4G backup. Standard features on all packages include; unlimited calls, free Guest WIFI for your visitors and Network-level security.

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Sky Business at a Glance

Sky Business Broadband


  • Sky Business
  • Standard monthly in-contract pricing:

  • From £27.95
  • Three services available:

  • Essential, Pro and Plus
  • Broadband speeds:

  • Up to 900mb
  • Unlimited calls?:

  • Yes
  • Additional services included:

  • Server-side security & free guest WIFI
  • Available as optional extras:

  • Three Speed Flex options, Professional installation, SecurityEdge, International calls, Static IP and additional phone lines
  • Installation & set-up costs:

  • £12 delivery secure router delivery (depending on contract length and service). £79 optional professional Sky install free. £99 Openreach if new main line required.
  • Contract options:

  • 12, 24 and 36 months

Customise your package

Sky Business Set-up information

Sky Business Broadband logo  *Set-up costs: To get your Sky Business Broadband up-and-running you can simply choose to self-install. This is ideal for those customers who already have an active landline. The delivery cost of your router is £12 (check current promotions). If you need a new line installing, Openreach will need to arrange an installation visit to your premises (£99 install cost). This is established when you run the postcode checker.  

Sky Business Cost Breakdown

Compare monthly prices & set-up costs based on contract length:

Service: 12 Months: 24 Months: 36 Months:
Essential £29.95 £27.95 £27.95
Pro £39.95 £37.95 £37.95
Plus £49.95 £47.95 £47.95
Set-up cost: £12 £12 £12

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Sky Business FAQ’s

    What is Sky Business Broadband?

  • Sky Business Broadband is a professional internet based service offering Ultrafast Broadband connections, digital call line features and additional security benefits for UK businesses. There are three services available. All are customisable with various speed boost, security and call feature add-on’s:
  • Essential – is the entry level Sky Business service with 12 voice features and broadband speeds averaging 76mb
  • Pro – provides 16 voice features, 4G backup and broadband speeds averaging 150mb
  • Plus – is the top level premium Sky Business service with 22 voice features, 4G backup, 2 digital lines, SecurityEdge and broadband speeds averaging 500mb
  • What are the upload speeds for Sky Business Broadband?

  • Essential: 19mb
  • Pro: 28mb
  • Plus: 60mb
  • What is Speed Flex?

  • Speed Flex gives the flexibility to get extra download speeds within the same contract. Pro or Plus packages gives you access to Speed Flex with Ultrafast broadband add-on you can boost your download speed:
  • Speed Flex 300 Mbps – upload 47mb = £10pm
  • Speed Flex 500 Mbps – upload 58mb = £15pm
  • Speed Flex 900 Mbps – upload 85mb = £20pm
  • What is the maximum speed I can receive with Sky Business Broadband?

  • You can determine which speeds are available at your location by running the postcode checker
  • What is Sky WIFI 6 Hub?

  • The all-new Sky Business 6 Hub is included as standard with all packages. Offering high speed, high security and low environmental impact (made from 85% recycled plastic). This is Sky’s most advanced WiFi technology allowing connection for up to 100 devices.
  • What is Security Edge?

  • All services come with network-level security. However, if you wish to go further and also protect all your devices (if connected to your network) – ‘SecurityEdge’ runs in the background and costs £9 per month (included with Plus package). SecurityEdge scans everything automatically for malware, phishing and botnet attacks every 10 minutes. It’s easy to set-up with no extra hardware or software needed.
  • How much are international calls with Sky Business Broadband?

  • The optional international call package costs £12 per month. This includes 500 minutes of calls to international landlines and mobiles in 48 popular destinations, after which Sky’s standard international rates apply.
  • Sky Business Broadband with calls
    What are Voice Features?

  • There are up to 22 call features included:
  • Included with all packages:
    Block premium outbound calls.
    Forward calls to another number if your phone is unreachable.
    Transfer calls to another number.
    Last inbound call return.
    Last outbound number redial.
    Auto reject anonymous calls.
    View incoming call number.
    Hide your number.
    Show your number.
    Call internal extension.
    Message waiting indication.
    Included with Pro & Plus packages:
    Divert calls to another number.
    Send calls to another number when you’re on the phone, or away.
    Have incoming calls ring multiple internal extensions.
    Included with the Plus package only:
    Direct callers to the right person, first time: set incoming calls to be answered by specific people inside, and outside, your business.
    Send incoming calls to multiple landlines or mobile numbers.
    ‘Do not disturb’ feature for when you need to focus.
    3-way calling, to improve collaboration internally, or with customers.
    Pickup calls to other extensions directly from your phone.
    Have new calls wait if the line is already busy.

    What is a Static IP and how much does it cost?

  • You can add a static IP address for £4.95 per month. This is useful if you wish to have a fixed web address for hosting a website or server, and require remote computer access to work from anywhere.
  • What is 4G backup?

  • This is included in the Pro and Plus services and an essential cushion for any business. This is a fall back option – if you have any service dropouts, the 4G backup connection automatically kicks in.
  • What is Guest WIFI?

  • Sky Business Guest WIFI is a great way of allowing free broadband connection to your business visitors. With only a simple password protected access, there’s no hassle of logging in.
  • How many additional lines can I have and what is the cost?

  • You can have up to 4 digital lines to your package. 1 line is included with Essential and Pro packages. 2 lines are included with Plus. Additional lines cost £10 per month (+£10 one off fee).
  • What are the contract options?

  • All three services are available on a 12, 24 or 36 month contract. Giving you flexibility and discounts depending on how you want to join Sky Business.
  • How much are the set-up and installation costs?

  • Once delivered, you self-install your Sky Broadband and Voice Hubs. Alternatively you can choose ‘Professional installation’ (£79). If you opt for Professional installation, just add this to your Sky basket and schedule a engineer visit. They will provide a full equipment set-up (including positioning your Sky equipment for best performance) and demo of all features. For standard installation costs including a new line installation, please read more details
  • Do listed prices include VAT?

  • No, listed prices exclude 20% VAT
  • Is Sky Business Broadband customer service UK based?

  • Yes, UK-based account managers with 24/7 support
  • Do I need to do anything or do Sky take care of the switch?

  • Sky will handle your entire switch unless you are switching from Virgin Media, or a non-Openreach provider. You simply place your Sky Business Broadband order, once you have your activation date, notify your old provider allowing for the cancellation period. Please note, that a cancellation fee may be payable if you cancel while in-contract
  • What is the 30 day money-back guarantee?

  • If you are not satisfied with the service, you can cancel without early termination charges. Contact Sky Business within 30-days of activation. You’ll be refunded subscription payments paid (excludes delivery, install, add-on and usage fees).
  • Are there any deals for new customers?

  • All the latest deals can be found here online. Just run the postcode checker and all our featured offers are auto-included in your Sky basket.

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Sky Business – Terms & Conditions Summary

General – Broadband: Sky Fibre or Full Fibre areas only. Speeds: varies by location – check our speed checker or call us for speed estimate. Term: 12, 24 and 36-month terms available. Switching: we will manage your switch if from a provider on Openreach network. If Virgin or non-Openreach provider, you must manage and cancel your existing service once you have switched. Sky will not be liable if your existing provider fails to cancel your existing service.

Installation: Self-installation of Sky Business Hub and (if applicable) 4G Dongle required, £12 postage and packaging. 4G Backup: Requires 4G available on selected packs only, Unlimited UK calls: All packs include calls to 01, 02, 03, UK mobiles and Isle of Man numbers (excludes Channel Islands, indirect access, dial-up internet & 070 numbers) – subject to Sky’s Acceptable Use Policy.

Voice Lines: Essential and Pro packs include 1 digital phone line. Plus packs include up to 2 digital phone lines. Additional lines cost £10 (plus VAT) per month for each new line. Plus, a one-off £10 (plus VAT) activation fee, per line.

Standard Security: includes a firewall on the router & restricts access to phishing and malware-infected sites. We can’t guarantee these will detect any viruses, so we strongly recommend that you protect your business from cybercrime by using up-to-date antivirus software.

Add-ons: SecurityEdge: included at no extra cost with Plus pack. Compatible router required. Available as an add-on for Essential and Pro pack, cost +£9 month. SecurityEdge will not work if connected via a VPN or a non-Sky Business DSNS server and certain web filtering features will not be available on the 4G Dongle. Term: add at any time. 30-days’ prior notice required to remove SecurityEdge add-on.

Static IP: cost +£4.95 a month. Address is owned by Sky Business. Static IP service will not be available during a broadband outage, even if you have 4G backup. Term: add at any time. 30-days’ prior notice required to remove Static IP. Once removed, Static IP address cannot be reinstated. Should you remove then add a Static IP add-on more than once within a 12-month period, an admin charge may apply see our tariff guide.

International calls: includes 500 minutes of calls to international landlines and mobiles in 48-popular destinations, after which Sky’s standard international rates apply, see our tariff guide. Cost: +£12 per month. Calls which are not included shall be billed in arrears. Sky will pro-rate your international call allowance and fee to reflect the period you received the service. You may see an adjustment on your next monthly bill. Term: Add at any time. 30-days’ prior notice required to remove your service. If you remove then add calls pack more than once within 12-months, an admin charge may apply, see our tariff guide.

Please note, the above T&C’s are extract for your reference. Always refer to your Sky basket for additional information and full terms and conditions.