Sky Installation Updates – Impact of Covid-19 and Coronavirus on Sky TV and Broadband

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Sky TV Coronavirus updatesCOVID-19 and the Coronavirus developments: Good news, you can now order Sky TV today and get up-and-running straight away on your Laptop, Mobile and Tablet. Sky engineers are now scheduled to return to properties to make installations from the 1st June.

Similarly, if you do not need a new line installing, then Sky Broadband services are still available to order for many new customers. To check availability, please select either Sky TV and Broadband bundles » or Broadband only »

We apologise for the inconvenience and wish you good health in these unprecedented times.

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Which Sky services can I order?

There are still some Sky services which are open to new customers. Those include:

  • Access Sky TV channels today on devices around your home and book your installation date for June. The Sky TV and Ultimate TV Add-on (Netflix) is back live for just £25 per month. Add additional discount TV packs and Sky Broadband where available. To find out more information and customise your deal….

  • Sky Broadband – for those customers who do not need a new line installing. Prices start from just £20 per month for casual browsers (average speeds of 11mb). Sky Superfast Fibre is available at just £27 per month (average speeds of 59mb). Both services are unlimited and include line rental.

  • Existing Sky customers are still able to change or add extra Sky services to their package and upgrade online. To check the latest deals please….

Sky – Coronavirus FAQ

When will Sky resume Sky TV installations?

All new Sky TV installations are scheduled to begin from the 1st June onwards. This is because a Sky engineer is required and access to homes is inadvisable based on current Government advice. Repairs are considered on a individual basis and vulnerable people are prioritised. Please check back regularly as the situation is forever changing.

Can I get still get Sky TV channels elsewhere?

Yes, Sky have arranged for new customers to access Sky TV just as soon as they have joined. You need to installed the Sky Go App on your devices to get up-and-running. You can then access the TV packs you have ordered as part of your new subscription.

Can I switch or join Sky Broadband?

Yes, in most cases where there is an active line customers can join / switch to Sky Broadband. Please check availability here »

Is Sky Mobile effected?

No, Sky Mobile is operating ad normal and customers are able to join online with the latest deals »

We shall update this page whenever new announcements are made.
So please remember to check back regularly as the situation changes. However the concluding factor is, you are now able to order your Sky service(s) as normal and choose a date from the 1st June onward (depending on availability where you live).


Sky call centers are operating on a reduced capacity and are only dealing with existing Sky customers, who are either key workers or vulnerable. New customers, please refer to links and information above. Existing Sky customers can find some helpful information via the following resources:

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