Sky Q App and ways to watch Sky TV

Sky Q App features

Sky Q is a software and hardware service which is exclusive to the Sky Q box.
Just as the Sky+ App is a smart piece of software which allows you to schedule, record and playback your favorite TV shows – the Sky Q App takes things one step further, by integrating the ability to pick back up shows on different devices. This is possible remotely, by integrating the software element neatly into App form for your mobile devices. By utilising the Sky Q App, the Sky+ App » and Sky Go Extra », you can now access all the features of Sky TV while around your home or on-the-move!


Pause and rewind live TV Record a whole series


The Sky+ service allows you to pause and rewind live TV. That means you can watch your favorite TV moments again, or put things on hold if you are unexpectedly interrupted while enjoying your favorite TV shows.

Sky+ also allows you to record not just one, but two shows at the same time. The most popular way to take advantage of Sky+ is the option to record a full series with just one selection from your remote.

Sky+ HD and 3D ready Sky Multiroom

Sky 3D

The Sky Q box is both HD, UHD 3D ready. View up to Ultra high-definition TV and the power of 3D TV from the UK’s exclusive 3D channel. Subscribe to the Sky ‘Box Sets bundle’ and get Sky 3D free of charge. Add Sky Sports, Sky Cinema and the HD Pack to get the ultimate viewing experience with the Sky Complete bundle (Sky World).

Sky Multiscreen

Sky Multiscreen (formally Multiroom) gives you the option of viewing Sky TV in more than one room. Sky Multiscreen now includes Sky Go Extra free of charge so you can download movies, tv programmes or a full series to your mobile device without the need of an internet connection. Get your first Sky Multiscreen box free and pay for each room subscription at £12.00 per month. Read more with our Sky Multiscreen Offers » article.

Sky Go On-demand TV

Sky Go

Sky Go gives you the ability to watch live Sky TV and on-demand content on the move free of charge. Depending on your TV subscription – you can also watch a wealth of movies and sports events on your mobile device or tablet PC. In addition, Sky Go Extra allows you to download your favorite shows and view movies when you are unable to stream content via a internet connection. Please visit our Sky Go Extra » page for all the latest offers.

Sky On-demand

On-demand TV from Sky gives you access to a the biggest catch-up TV library available in the UK. Browse a full TV series, choose from hundreds of movies and catch up on programmes you may of missed.

The Sky+ App Parental Controls

Sky+ App

The Sky+ App allows you to access your Sky Q box to add updates or schedule a recording while you are away from home. The new Sky Q box is also WIFI ready so you can control your Sky box from your tablet PC or handset device in another room of your home.

Parental Controls

Parental Controls are an important feature of your Sky+ user interface. You can filter movies and programs by the age rating given to broadcast content. You can then add a 4-digit PIN to allow you to unlock adult content and shows that you deem unsuitable for children of various ages.