Virgin Media Gig2 Review – The Future is 2GB Speeds & Beyond

Virgin Media Gig2 review

Almost 1 million people in major cities across the UK (and recently 13,000 homes in York) can get access to Virgin Media’s ground breaking new 2Gbps Full-Fibre speed Gig2. And we finally get a major network provider offering symmetrical upload speeds at last, an optional extra available on all Virgin Media’s brand new Full-Fibre packages. Openreach have got some catching up to do here!

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Overtaking EE’s new 1.6Gbps Full-Fibre, Virgin Media once again take the top spot with their new speed clocking in at a dizzying 2000Mbps. Virgin Media have teamed up with cable gurus Nexfibre to upgrade their already very fast standard-fibre network to Full-Fibre, currently connecting up about 1 million homes with the newest additions in York.

Virgin Media Gig2 – The Technology

Virgin Media Gig2 bandwidth

Virgin Media’s new Full-Fibre offer uses XGS-PON technology that has the potential to blast data across the country at insane speeds of up to 10,000Mbps and Virgin’s new Hub 5x has the stuff inside to handle it, but it’s ok Virgin, no rush… 2Gbps is fast enough for now. Gig2 will massively improve things like immersive cloud gaming, A.I. and could be a springboard for new technologies and applications that make use of the new colossal bandwidth.

But let’s slow down a little bit here and get to the point: You’re new Gig2 speed will download Call of Duty Modern Warfare III for the PS5 in 16 minutes. nuff said.

Can I get Virgin Media Gig2 in my area?

Gig2 Full Fibre

Virgin Media’s Brand new Full Fibre download speeds with symmetrical upload speed options are available to 1 million homes around major cities across the UK. These major cities include Belfast, Cardiff, London, Glasgow and York. The network also spreads to surrounding suburban and semi-rural areas as well. No matter where you reside – the best way to see if the service is on your doorstep is to check availability .

Gig2 is twice as fast as Virgin Media’s current top tier speed Gig1 available on their standard fibre network. Gig2 is part of a range of brand new Full-Fibre speeds from Virgin Media, all using brand new pure fibre optic technology that is part of an upgrade to their network. The new speed is available 1 million homes currently but quickly growing.

Gig2 is double the speed of Virgin Media’s top standard Fibre speeds Gig1, and it comes with the brand new Hub 5x which is capable of handling speeds of up to 10Gbps, a strong hint of things to come. At the time of writing, Gig2 is available to 1 million lucky customers for £84 per month on an 18 month contract.

What is the Gig2 Upload Speed?

Virgin Media Gig2 upload speeds

All of Virgin Media’s brand new Full-Fibre speeds come with an option to upgrade to a matching ‘Symmetrical’ upload speed (2GB in this case), the first major network provider to do this, so you’ll be able to upload your own content as fast as you can download with Virgin Media. That’s great for content creators who live stream and for people who work from home sending large files and video calling.

You’ll be able to match your upload speed with your download speed for an extra £6 per month on any of Virgin Media’s Full Fibre plans.

You can read more about the best upload speeds available today in our full ‘Best Upload Speeds for Content Creators 2024‘ article.

Virgin Media Gig1 on Standard Fibre

Virgin Media Gig1

For those of us who can’t access the brand new Virgin Media Full-Fibre network, we’ve got Virgin’s Standard Fibre network which has a top speed of 1130Mbps with the Gig1 plan. The great thing about this speed is that it is using standard-fibre technology which means it’s available to all who have Virgin Media’s standard network in their area – that’s 16 million homes. Check Gig1 availability

Standard Fibre vs Full Fibre

Virgin Media standard fibre

So to clear things up a bit we now have two fibre technologies available in the home broadband market. Simply put, ‘Full-Fibre’ is just the inevitable upgrade to our ‘standard fibre’ connections. Since forever, all of our homes have been connected via copper telephone wires, and that didn’t change when Fibre-optic broadband was first introduced. Standard Fibre broadband still uses those copper telephone wires to complete the connection to our homes.

For our standard fibre broadband the fibre optic cables are only used in the construction of the main network between the large internet exchanges and the street cabinets. This gave us much faster speeds back then but Fibre-Optic cables weren’t connecting our homes yet, they only made it to those green cabinets in the street.

Full-fibre technology is the replacement of those old copper telephone wires connecting our homes with fibre-optic cables and as you can imagine, it’s taking a while. Openreach have the largest Full Fibre network today reaching 12 million homes, Virgin Media’s is only at around 1 million now but the technology is far superior – even Virgin Media’s Standard Fibre network is keeping up with Openreach’s Full Fibre…

Virgin Media Standard Fibre feels like Full-Fibre already

Just to add a bit more to the confusion, Virgin Media’s ‘standard fibre’ network is actually just as fast as Openreach’s Full-Fibre network. It’s a very impressive use of the original technology and means Virgin can offer their customers speeds that feel like Full-Fibre until they upgrade their whole network to actual Full-Fibre technology, which is basically straight from a science-fiction novel.

Virgin Media’s Standard Fibre network is available to more homes than Openreach’s Full-Fibre network, reaching 16 million homes. Openreach’s Full-Fibre is currently up to about 12 million homes, so there’s more chance you can get Full-Fibre-Like speeds with Virgin Media. Virgin’s actual Full-Fibre tech is only reaching 1 million homes at the moment but it’s state-of-the-art and can reach speeds up to 10x as fast as Openreach’s current speeds.

Take a look at Virgin Media’s services available to over 16 million homes. Check availability

What are the Best Prices for Virgin Media Gig2?

Virgin Media run regular promotional incentives for new customers switching to one of their services…

Virgin Media Full Fibre
Gig2 Fibre Broadband
2000Mb download speeds
2000Mb upload speeds
£0 set-up
£84 p/m

Virgin Media Full Fibre
Gig1 Fibre Broadband
1130Mb download speeds
104Mb upload speeds
£0 set-up
£41 p/m

Virgin Media Full Fibre
M500 Fibre Broadband
516Mb download speeds
52Mb upload speeds
£0 set-up
£35 p/m

Virgin Media Full Fibre
M350 Fibre Broadband
362Mb download speeds
36Mbps upload speeds
£0 set-up
£35 p/m

Virgin Media Full Fibre
M250 Fibre Broadband
264Mb download speeds
25Mbps upload speeds
£0 set-up
£27 p/m

Virgin Media Full Fibre
Mega Volt TV Bundle
516Mb (upgrades available)
52Mb upload speeds
230+ TV channels & Netflix
£0 set-up
£85 p/m

Services subject to an 18 month contract
Unless otherwise stated, prices may change during minimum term

Virgin Media Gig2 Summary

Virgin Media Gig2 summary

Our Thoughts: By the time you’ve figured out how to use Virgin Media’s already lightning fast standard broadband speeds for anything other than showing off to your mates, you’ll probably have access to Virgin Media’s Full Fibre speeds by then. So if you’re interested in Virgin’s new tech but can’t get hold of it just now, their standard fibre broadband is a great option and will be easy to make the switch to Full-Fibre when it gets to you. Although Virgin Media scores top marks for speed – their poor Ofcom results regarding customer complaints hamper their overall score.

Our Rating

Our score: 3.5/5

Customer Service
Ofcom rating

 *Ofcom is the regulator for the communications services the UK. Our rating above is based on latest publication by Ofcom regarding the fewest complaints per 100,000 customers. The full Ofcom reports can be viewed here.  

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